Our  tEam

A multidisciplinar team, one purpose:
improve the human-animal relationship 

Scientific direction

Ilda Gomes Rosa

PhD in Veterinarian Sciences

MSc in Animal Sciences

University of Lisbon,Portugal (PT)

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Inês Pereira de Figueiredo

PhD in Neurosciences

Animal Sciences Engineer

INCYL, Salamanca, Spain

Elsa Lamy

PhD in Zootechny

Post-doc Researcher , ICAAM

University of Évora, PT

Joana Gonçalves

MSc in Psychomotor Rehabilitation

Assistant Lecturer,University of Lisbon, PT

Equine Assisted Therapy

Catarina Figueiredo

DVM, MSc  in Medicine Veterinary, 

Refugio da Calada

Equine Consultant

Helena Costa

Master in Animal Behaviour  and Welfare,  Madrid, Spain


Equine Assisted Therapy

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Researchers, Terapeuts and consultants

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Teresa Umbelino

DVM, Pós-Graduated in Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Brussels, Belgium

 Pet's Training, ABComportamento

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Sophie Picoto

MSc in Clinical Psicopathology, Bordeaux, France

Animal Assisted Therapy

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Rosário Bobone

DVM, Executive Master of Applied Positive Psychology, Lisbon, PT

Pós-graduated in Animal Behaviour and 

Animal Assisted Therapies, Lisbon,PT

Dog Assisted THerapy, Pets4people

Our Scientific Council

Fernando Capela e Silva, PhD Biology, University of Evora, PT

Consuelo Sancho Sanchez, PhD in Medicine, University of Salamanca, Spain

Gladys Malafaia, MSc  in Psychomotor Rehabilitation, PT

Filipa Heitor, PhD in Biology,  Lisbon, PT

Fernando Afonso Vieira Figueiredo, MSc in Environmental Management , Mexico

Ana Rodrigues, PhD, FMH, University of Lisbon, PT

Graça Ferreira Dias, PhD in Veterinary Sciences, University of Lisbon, PT

Andrés García Gómez, PhD in Psychopedagogy, University of Extremadura, Spain

Cristina Simões, PhD, FMH, Lisbon, PT