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Herdade da Maxuqueira

1st International Meeting of TheKidsFellows- Human-Animal Interactions Research

Some of the topics we are interested in hearing about: Animals in human health, development and therapy; Vulnerable Populations and their Animals; Attitudes toward animals/animal issues; Research in animal emotions; Human–wildlife conflict/interactions; Advances in the Science of animal training.

1st International Meeting of TheKidsFellows-  Human-Animal Interactions Research

Horário e local

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Herdade da Maxuqueira, Herdade da Maxuqueira, Gavião, Portalegre, 6040-077, Portugal

Sobre o evento

The 1st International Conference on Human-Animal Interactions, impact on health and education: The Past, the Present, and Future Directions aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Anthrozoology.

Why is this Conference so important?

For three main reasons:

Understanding how to improve human health. People who have good relationships with their animals are healthier and happier. Animals can also be an advantage in the lives of disadvantaged people.

Understanding how to improve animal welfare. Positive relationships between animals and their caregivers are able to increase their quality of life.

And, finally, we are concerned about the health of our planet. Promoting good and healthier relationships between people and the natural world, will increase the respect and responsibility for our planet.

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