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Hiporehabilitation as Digital Education Interaction


Throughout the last 2 years our Organization is participating in an awesome project, the "Hiporehabilitation as Digital Education Interaction", under coordination of the JK Fany Hostěnice, from Czechia,  and 2 other partners, the Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University, Nevsehir, in Türkiye; and Krila-terapijsko jahanje, Zagreb, in Croatia.



"Hiporehabilitation" or "equine rehabilitation" it is part of a comprehensive rehabilitation complex.

Within this Project, we mostly focused on promoting the Paravaulting modality, and therefore, we are building together an e-book and a website regarding this field.  Paravaulting is a modality of adapted riding,  identical to vaulting, an equestrian discipline described as gymnastics or dance on horseback, in this case, is adapted to an individual with a disability. An athlete performs gymnastic exercises on the horse. They compete as individuals or in pairs. Paravaulting places high demands on physical condition, it is intended for individuals with a certain type of disability (Zelinka, 2007, p 11).

Today's population is already familiar with the concept of sport for people with disabilities and knows the activity called equine assisted therapy. However, few people can imagine what the content of paravaulting riding is and what it brings to clients with disabilities.

It is one of the few opportunities for the population with disabilities to become part of sports events. It is especially suitable for those who want to fight their handicap and have a recommendation for this sport from a doctor. It is a physically demanding discipline and places high demands on movement coordination and joint mobility. The athlete must master the exercise on a relatively small, constantly moving surface, which is represented by the horse's back.

Paravaulting also requires rhythmic exercise, which leads to the induction of concentration and relaxation of the exerciser.

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The focus of hiporehabilitation is always on the client and his disability. The horse is a means in the hands of the therapist.


Warming up

  The performances achieved by athletes with disabilities are admirable and deserve general recognition. They are an expression of strong will and extraordinary motivation that leads a person to the realization of their resolutions, desires and wishes (Daďová, Čichoň, Švarcová, & Potměšil, 2008).

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