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Adulto e do elefante do bebê

 Using scientific knowledge to promote and celebrate the positive impact of  the human relationships with animals and the natural world

Homem e seu cão

Why is Anthrozoology and what do we do so important?


For three main reasons,

 we want to know how to improve human’s health.  People who have a good relationship with their animals and nature are healthier and happier. In addition, animals can be an advantage in the lives of people with special needs or at social risk.

We want to promote the conservation of animal’s life and know how to improve their quality of life.

The Knowledge about the natural behaviors and promoting positive relationships between animals and humans, we promote well-being and quality of life.

And finally, we are concerned about the health of our planet. Promoting the protection and the relationships between people and the Natural world will increase respect and responsibility for the planet.


Our Groups, Projects and Commitees

The Research Group in Anthrozoology is an international  group of Academics from multidisciplinary backgrounds willing to support other Organizations  Projects, to learn what makes our relationships with animals succeed and how to make the life in our planet going better.

We are also members  of the EEFTN, an European Network working in the field of Equine Facilitated Services, where sharing Knowledge, practices and discussing Projects are their main goals.


We work in close contact with the Portuguese Society of Equine Assisted Services- SPSAE.

The NatureHEALING® is an international  Project, where the contact and restauration of  the natural World are used to promote mental health and wellbeing. It includes Nature conservation, Health and Social impacts.

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