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Our Second Meeting of the ERASMUS+ PROJECT happened at Královický dvůr Equestrian Centrum , a Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic). During 3 days, from 6 to 9 September, we could enjoy our company and exchange experiences and knowledge face to face. We explored and discovered the different national breeds involved in Equine Facilitated Interventions (EFI) in each country.

The Czech team demonstrated their view on Equine Facilitated Physiotherapy, Learning and Paravoulting. The goal was to highlight the demands, way of handling and care of therapy equines.

Furthermore, the Czech Therapeutic riding Association showed us an example of testing Therapy horses to be certified.

In Czech Republic a specialized testing system has been set up for equines used in the EFI that would assess its preparation, character and acquired skills appropriated to the requirements of its therapy assignement (Caskova et al., 2012).


The EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON EQUINE FACILITATED THERAPY took place at the lovely Campus of the University of Life Sciences, in Prague, right after our Second Meeting, between the 10 and 11 September.

Most of us joined the European Conference of Equine Facilitated Therapy and the European Equine Facilitated Therapy Network (EEFTN) meeting (13 September), as well. It was an intense week of sharing and exchanging views on EFI. In this meeting, we created various working groups to collect information and requirements and demands on therapy equines for EFI in the selection, training, conditioning, and engagement of equines working in EFI.

This Conference interconnected almost 400 participants from 37 countries, over 250 participating face-in-face. It was an excellent opportunity for networking, sharing, learning and just enjoying being in the company of people with the same interests.

The first day, Friday, was full of lectures, the atmosphere was great, people were smiling, sharing, learning, enjoying.

and we represented our Project. Each team-partner has chosen a member from their country that introduced the benefit of the cooperation during the PRoject.

You can find the presentation of the Project here

I have taken a short work of a Systematic review I am making with Professor Andres Garcia from Spain, here is the link:


The second day of the Conference was even more emotional as we could see children and adults with special needs showing us what they gained with EFI. We also saw 2 horse-trainers (Czech and Italian) specialised in the preparation of therapy equines.

And Paravaulting! Amazing the fun these guys had been!


TheKidsFellows-Research Group in Anthrozoology (PT),

Ceska hiporehabilitacni spolecnost, z.s.

Nevsehir Haci bektas Veli University (TR),

Neigaliuju jojimo asociacija (LT)

Suomen ratsastusterapeutit ry (FI),

Asociación Proyecto Caballo (ES)

Caskova V, Petrova K, Vladykova J, Lentelme-Faisan V, Fritscherova A, Dvorackova M. The Therapy Horse Certification Program: A methodology for specialized horse testing program in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies The Czech Therapeutic Riding association 2018.


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